LED Nano light zolu lighting
LED Nano zolu lightingLED Nano light zolu lightingLED Nano tri-proof zolu lighting

LED Nano Lineal

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The LED Nano Tri-Proof Linear Light is a lamp that is also waterproof, dust prevention and corrosion prevention, so it could be installed in a dusty and humid environment. Nanometer material is used for the housing, and there is aluminum with high heat conduction inside. In this way, this lamp is not only with high light transmittance but also with good heat dissipation. It looks neater and easy to clear.

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Product Description

LED Nano Tri-Proof Linear Light Features

  • There are four installation ways (ceiling, rotatable on the wall, magnet adsorption and suspended), making the lamp be used for different installation requirement. Very easy to install and operate.
  • IP65 waterproof, and there is breather at the end cap. It could be made sure without logged water and mist inside the lamp when working in a humid or rainy environment.
  • High brightness LED chip, which is lm80 approved, is used. The luminous efficacy reaches up to 150lm/W, meeting the high-grade energy-saving request.
  • IP68 waterproof connector could be used together. Under the two sides power input conditions, lamps could be connected together in order to be suitable for complex wiring surroundings, saving time and labor cost and improving work efficiency.
  • Newest designed rectangular power supply with iron box, which is PF>0.95, THD<15, no flicking, and 0-10V dimming, is as long as 50,000 hours lifespan.



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