Zolu Lighting LED TUBE T8 IP65
LED TUBE T8 IP65LED TUBE T8-IP65 lights costa rica

LED Tube T8 IP65

marcas zolu lighting costa rica

LED Tube T8 IP65 lights by Zolu Lighting are energy-efficient. Under the same glowing effect, LED tube lights conserve 60%-90% more energy than the traditional energy-saving lamp, efficiently reducing the electricity expenditure.

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Product Description

LED Tube T8 IP65 Main Features

  • Long lifespan: LED tube adopts light emitting semiconductor chip, without a filament. It is not affected by vibration, with more than 50000 hours lifespan.( the ordinary energy-saving lamp only has 8000 hours lifespan)
    Harmless light ray: No ultraviolet ray and infrared ray, so no producing radiation.(there are ultraviolet ray and infrared ray in high voltage sodium lamp ).
  • Environmental protection: No harmful elements, such as mercury, xenon etc. Be easily recycled and no electromagnetic interference. (there is a harmful element in high voltage sodium lamp. the electronic ballast produces electromagnetic interference)
  • Eyesight protection: LED light employ DC driver with no flicker (ordinary lamp is AC driver with flicker )
  • High lighting efficiency: With small heat, and 80% of the electric energy translated into visible light.(80% of the electric energy of ordinary incandescent lamp translated into heat energy, and only 20% translated into luminous energy)
  • High safety factor: LED lighting needs smaller voltage and electric current, producing smaller heat. So that there is no potential safety hazard, being suitable for a minefield and other dangerous places.
  • Anti-mosquito: LED lighting producing no ultraviolet ray, so that it is good for remaining indoor clear because it doesn’t attract mosquito like a traditional fluorescent lamp.
  • Convenience: Traditional fluorescent lamp has to be replaced because of its short lifespan. LED lighting could save the cost associated with replacement or repairmen.



Connection wire length and with or without plug depend on customer’s requirements (Wire length normally 1 meter)

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